HP insurance

hp insurance

With HP seemingly intent on halting production of most its processor based computing devices, including mobile phones, the sooner you take out HP mobile phone insurance the better. The fact that HP are stopping production of their computer range is well known, however, according to the latest reports - HP does intend to retain the webOS platform with a view to selling it on to other smartphone manufacturers.

Meanwhile, if you're prepared to shop around you can still purchase a new HP Pre3 smartphone, a favourite with HP business users due to the seamless way it can be used for organising work. So, being a mobile phone important for its business functions makes it all the more important to get HP mobile phone insurance to ensure a replacement phone is immediately available when needed.

hp insurance

Why you really need HP mobile phone insurance

There is a very good reason why you need to take out HP mobile phone insurance right now. Although you can buy HP mobile phone insurance that will provide international cover, cover against loss or theft and insure you against fraudulent calls being made on your HP mobile phone etc it is probably the guaranteed repairs aspect of a HP mobile phone insurance policy, or the extended warranty you can purchase through HP mobile phone insurance provider, that will prove to be the most important for you now.

If your HP mobile phone was stolen, lost or even left in an unrepairable state chances are your mobile phone insurance company will replace it with an equivalent model, as best they can match it, as being able to get hold of a brand new 'like-for-like' phone model is probably already not possible. Therefore, if your HP mobile phone is damaged but repairable and you really are committed to retaining its use having an HP mobile phone insurance policy offering guaranteed repairs will probably be your only hope of getting your phone repaired rather than replaced with a different one.

Finding HP mobile phone insurers

If you already own an HP mobile phone, going back to the store you bought it from and expecting to be able to then buy HP mobile phone insurance might prove to not be possible. So, presuming you're not buying and insuring an HP mobile phone together and at the same time, but are looking to buy the mobile phone insurance retrospectively you will find far more help and offers by searching for online HP mobile phone insurance quotes.

The exact level of HP mobile phone insurance you decide to buy is, of course, entirely up to you. As well as buying that all important guaranteed repairs insurance, it would now be a good idea to take out an option on the extended warranty for HP mobile phones. That way, if a repair is needed that was caused by a failure, rather than damage, you could avoid making a claim on your mobile phone insurance at all.

Needless to say, we would also advise that you at least buy HP mobile phone insurance to cover you for loss or theft of your phone as well. Should you be intending to travel abroad, either for business or pleasure in the next 12 months, check to see that the HP mobile phone insurance offer gives you full protection wherever you are and not just in the UK. If keeping the cost down on your mobile phone insurance is important for you then you should be able to find mobile phone insurers prepared to offer you a limited number of days for international cover, or be able to purchase it as an option in your HP mobile phone insurance package.

Mobile Phone Insurance benefits

You are covered against theft. If it is stolen, it will be replaced.

Accidental damage. Your phone is covered in the event of any accidental damage.

If your mobile phone breaks down, all repair costs will be covered.

Unauthorised calls cover.
Upto 100 towards the cost if your phone is stolen.

Your phone will be replaced within 48 hours of a successful claim.

Worldwide Cover.

Mobile Phone Insurance available for both contract and pay as you go phones.