Three insurance

three insurance

If you are buying a new mobile phone or smartphone and buying mobile phone insurance at the same time, from one of the UK network providers either online or in-store then a handset from Three with their Three mobile phone insurance will deliver great value for money, especially with pay monthly phone contracts. Even if you don't want to buy Three mobile phone insurance on the day you take out their pay monthly contract, you have up to 45 days to be able to sign up to Three mobile phone insurance after purchasing the handset.

What do you get with Three mobile phone insurance?

three insurance

There are six key points regarding what pay monthly customers get with Three mobile phone insurance. Needless to say theft of your mobile phone is covered, as too is loss of your handset something that's often an optional extra on mobile phone insurance policies not issued by network providers. If your mobile or smartphone should be damaged, there is comprehensive cover to either get your phone repaired or replaced.

Damage cover is specified under three sub-headings; accidental, malicious and liquid. Again the fact that damage to your phone caused by a liquid spilling on it or it being dropped into a liquid is testament to the comprehensiveness of a Three mobile phone insurance policy, as this again is often an optional extra with other insurance companies. Should your phone screen be cracked and yet can still be used - that too is covered, although as a separate entity to other damage.

Again, when looking at other companies offering mobile phone insurance make sure that a usable cracked screen is automatically covered, as quite often unless the screen is inoperable they won't pay for a repair to be made. Three mobile phone insurance also acts as an extended warranty by automatically covering you for any electrical or mechanical damage after the manufacturers warranty has expired. Sixth, and finally, Three mobile phone insurance will also cover you for up to 300 worth of accessories purchased from Three, even those that you don't use with your mobile phone, if they are connected with the incident causing you to make a mobile phone insurance claim.

Three mobile phone insurance prices

Having read what's on offer in a Three mobile phone insurance policy no doubt you'll be keen to hear how much it will cost. Which is where the really good news comes as, Three have just two price ranges for their mobile phone insurance policies which are currently 12 a month for iPhones and between just 5 and 8 a month for all other makes of smartphones.

Those prices make Three mobile phone insurance not just the most competitive of all the well known network providers but makes them even competitive with many independent online mobile phone insurance vendors. The same as all mobile phone insurers, iPhones cost more to insure than all other handsets.

However, finding iPhone insurance at just 12 elsewhere will be a challenge for you. Also, when you consider that the top-range Blackberry and Nokias, or the latest Samsung can cost as much as a basic iPhone and yet you can insure them for just 8 a month with Three mobile phone insurance, makes their offer a real bargain.

Three mobile phone insurance small print

Before taking out Three mobile phone insurance you must, of course, read all of the small print. However, to get you started here are the headlines from the small print. In line with other mobile phone insurers Three will endeavour to make sure a replacement phone is with you within 48 hours of making your claim, Three mobile phone insurance provides for replacement phones, not cash to buy a new one. If your make and/or model of mobile phone is no longer available your Three mobile phone insurance will send you a best equivalent 'like-for-like' replacement phone.

In the event of your phone being damaged, but deemed to be repairable, Three will try to repair it before replacing it. In the event of theft or malicious damage you must have reported the facts to the police and have obtained a crime number, for Three to refer to. Any claim, for any reason, needs to be made within 7 days of the problem arising, should you be abroad at the time then you have up to 30 days to make the claim.

Reporting any theft or loss immediately is in your own best interests to avoid costly fraudulent phone bills. Needless to say, you have to have not been acting irresponsibly, thereby being the cause of theft, loss or damage to your phone, in order to make a successful claim and, should you make more than two claims in any one year, Three reserve the right to cancel your Three mobile phone insurance contract.

You also need to be aware that there are excesses payable on Three mobile phone insurance. These are 25 for damage to a phone, but a 50 excess for damage to an iPhone and a 50 excess in the event of losing or having a phone stolen, but if it is an iPhone this excess is 100. Finally here, Three mobile phone insurance covers you worldwide but replacements and repairs will only be made in the UK.

Mobile Phone Insurance benefits

You are covered against theft. If it is stolen, it will be replaced.

Accidental damage. Your phone is covered in the event of any accidental damage.

If your mobile phone breaks down, all repair costs will be covered.

Unauthorised calls cover.
Upto 100 towards the cost if your phone is stolen.

Your phone will be replaced within 48 hours of a successful claim.

Worldwide Cover.

Mobile Phone Insurance available for both contract and pay as you go phones.