T-Mobile insurance

tmobile insurance

As you will see, we think there are reasons why T-Mobile mobile phone insurance could well be twice as good as policies offered by other mobile phone insurers. T-Mobile mobile phone insurance is one of the most comprehensive packages available from the major network providers and is available on both pay monthly and pay-as-you-go T-Mobile phones. Not surprisingly, to get around having to say T-Mobile mobile phone insurance too many times, T-Mobile also refer to their mobile phone insurance package as just fonesafe.

Fonesafe charges for those with T-Mobile mobile phones

tmobile insurance

Unlike some of the other network providers T-Mobile offer a relatively varied range of prices to cover your mobile or smartphone with T-Mobile mobile phone insurance. For a penny less than these rounded up figures, you can currently get T-Mobile mobile phone insurance for 5, 7, 9, 13 or 15 a month. How much you actually will, of course, vary according to the value of the handset that you own.

For example the top of the range Blackberry, iPhones, or Nokia phones with up to 64GB microSD cards will be charged at 15 a month for insurance, whereas a budget smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Mini will be available at the less expensive rates for T-Mobile mobile phone insurance. If you're purchasing a new T-Mobile phone online or in-store, it could be worth enquiring if they're offering any special deals on fonesafe cover for those buying a new phone at that moment.

Do all the fonesafe plans give the same cover

With so many different T-Mobile mobile phone insurance deals it's quite reasonable to ask whether or not they all offer the same level of cover. The simple answer is that, yes all of the fonesafe price levels offer the same cover, except for two points the policy excess and accessory cover. We'll look at the exact protection that T-Mobile mobile phone insurance gives you, including accessory cover, in a moment; but first of all what those differences in the excess that you have to pay, in the event of needing to make a claim on your fonesafe policy?

In the event of making just one claim during the life of the T-Mobile mobile phone insurance policy if you pay 5 a moth your excess is 20, 7 am month is 25, 9 a month is 30, 13 a month is 50 and 15 is 50. However, if you should need to make a T-Mobile mobile phone insurance claim in the fist month of the contract the excess is doubled or, for 13 and 15 a month contracts it is doubled for the first two months of the contract. You also need to be aware that, if you make more than one claim during the life of the insurance contract those excesses will increase further.

What you get with fonesafe cover

T-Mobile mobile phone insurance is more expensive than many deals you can get online from other mobile phone insurance providers. However, and in fairness to T_mobile, there cover is fully comprehensive and no quibble. So, for example whereas you might find an online T-Mobile mobile phone insurance offer for less than 5 a month will it include cover for a lost phone, water damage, worldwide cover etc without having to pay an extra premium?

So, here's the good news any T-Mobile mobile phone insurance deal, even their lowest priced one, will include loss, theft, any damage malicious of accidental, world-wide cover and breakdown. Even better, taking out T-Mobile mobile phone insurance will also cover any accessories you've bought from T-Mobile for your handset, like a microSD card or Bluetooth/hands-free headset for between 200 and 300.

The exact amount of cover depends on the price of your fonesafe cover, if you're paying 9 or more its 300 worth of cover, 7 a month covers you for 250 and the 6 a month policy covers accessories up to 200. Don't forget too that if you need to claim on your T-Mobile mobile phone insurance they will have a replacement despatched to arrive with you within 48 hours.

Mobile Phone Insurance benefits

You are covered against theft. If it is stolen, it will be replaced.

Accidental damage. Your phone is covered in the event of any accidental damage.

If your mobile phone breaks down, all repair costs will be covered.

Unauthorised calls cover.
Upto 100 towards the cost if your phone is stolen.

Your phone will be replaced within 48 hours of a successful claim.

Worldwide Cover.

Mobile Phone Insurance available for both contract and pay as you go phones.